What started as a fun Christmas present idea evolved into a conceptual graphic identity for a fictitious collegiate hockey club brand; culminating into a Winter Classic-esque hockey game outfitted by Men's League Sweaters in 2017. The identity continues to expand for future events.

After designing the uniforms and getting them made with Men's League Sweaters we created promotional imagery

We thought of an event that would make sense for this team to play in and created the Christmas Classic

The next year we wanted to expand on the lore and identity of the team so we could organize a real Christmas Classic. That way we could resurrect a throwback as is tradition for Winter Classic events. Creating a timeline based on historical trends of hockey design; we gave ourselves a lot of options to choose from for the next uniform for the 2017 Christmas Classic. 

After selecting the uniform design, we created assets to promote the 2017 Christmas Classic to use on social media.

We needed a rival for our Fightin' Santas to play, and thus the antithesis of the Christmas spirit was born—Scrooge University. Their uniform design was based on a 1910s era so the 2 teams could match their "throwbacks".

I contacted my pal from the St. Charles Chill, Mick Lite, to photograph the event

Following the trend of resurrecting older identities and idealizing them for a present style guide, I have begun expanding on the XU brand and phasing out the parody Fightin' Santa logo with original designs such as the X monogram, retro-style Fightin' Santa, and modern logotype.

Seamless patterns

Motion Graphics for arena graphics and social media

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